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Bitrix24 is far more than just CRM - it enables organization of jobs, processes, documents and knowledge in one place and in a quality way

Our services

Development, implementation and business information systems adaptation are just some of the services we offer. 

Why Bitrix24?

By simple and centralized organization and automation of all key processes and data circulating in your organization, it solves organizational chaos. 

Bitrix24 certified partner

Appliment is a Bitrix24 partner for Croatia, BiH and Serbia with more than 10 years of experience in  development, implementation and adaptation of business information systems. We are here for you and provide: 

  • implementation of Bitrix24 system adapted to your business environment, 
  • educations and trainings to help you use Bitrix24 efficiently,
  • adaptation of existing Bitrix24 functionalities to your needs,
  • management and business process automation in Bitrix24,
  • maintenance of Bitrix24 system and the server on which it is located,
  • integration of information systems that you use regularly and Bitrix24, 
  • integration with other external services (your website, APIs, etc.),
  • and other services in the field of support and development of Bitrix24 (or related systems).
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